Friday, May 11, 2012

The Power of Imagination

One of my friends texted me: 
"I'm with [a friend of ours] and a mission companion who is from Utah. Fitted cut off jean shorts, man bag or purse however you want to refer to it, hair that is kind of longish up front, and I'm sure he brushes it or combs it into that style everyday. He is cute though and has dimples and a pedophile mustache."

The blog wouldn't let me post this in its original size (too long, I suppose), so I had to separate them into pieces.

This was just my silly interpretation of my friend's text, and I apologize for any offenses I might have made. I was joking. (Mostly.) I still don't know what this guy actually looks like, but it'd be fun to meet him later and show this to him.


  1. HAHA! Awesome! I hate when guys wear Toms. They creep me out. Plus, who likes whose mustaches anyways? Keep the comics coming!


  3. Hello, I think this is describing me.

    I like the interpretation, however, I do not wear Toms. Ever. Nor am I blond. My bag was less droopy (an old camera bag, so quite stiff in fact) and my shirt was grey with a pirate skull and crossbones (only with swords instead of bones).
    The mustache is basically right though.

    1. Hello, noahkershisnik (I really hope that's your real name, cause it's mind-blowingly awesome!). This is such a pleasure, I must thank our mutual friend. Sorry for such a raw interpretation, but thank you for liking it. I was really hoping you'd be blonde, though. :)

    2. That is my name, only with a space in it (noah[space]kershisnik). I used your picture as my profile picture on FaceBook. I hope that's ok, I didn't ask.