Monday, August 31, 2015

August Commissions

August was crazy for me! 
My husband and I packed all our stuff into a ReloCube and moved across the country from UT to VA. We stopped by Cheyenne, WY to visit one of Ethan's uncles, and then spent the night near Denver, CO with his cousins. We drove through 9 states in couple days and finally got to see our new home in real life!

We're so excited to be living in Roanoke, VA, much closer to our families than we were before.

Because of the move I fell behind with all of my Etsy orders, but I am slowly settling in and catching up. Here are the commissions I finished in August:

1. Amy

2. Megan

3. Beau

4. Catherine

5. Jordyn

6. Joseph

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Thank you! :)