Sunday, November 15, 2015

October Commissions

I feel like I posted an update just a little while ago, but apparently it's already been over a month.

November has been a busy month for me with the holidays approaching, so expect a huge update next month! Meanwhile, here are the commissions I finished in October. :)

1. Cheryl

This was the biggest project I'd ever worked on so far. Two parents who recently got married and they have six kids all together. And Cheryl (the mom) wanted a regular family portrait with a floral border and another with their house in the background for their Christmas card this year!

2. Ginger

What an adorable family, right!? This was for their first wedding anniversary!
For the border, she wanted to use hydrangeas because they were their wedding flowers. And the small flowers are Dogwood tree flowers, which apparently are North Carolina's state flowers. :)

3. Sarah

Sarah and Greg are our good friends from Provo, UT. Greg and my husband Ethan used to be in a band together. They're just really great people to begin with, and we are lucky to have them as our friends! Sarah wanted to have cactus and flowers for their border because they are both from Arizona.

4. Alli
She commissioned me for two portraits: first one to remember their wedding day, and the second one to celebrate their first anniversary. It was an honor to do portraits for such special occasions, and she told me she hopes to continue to get custom family portraits from me every year!

One of my favorite things about having an Etsy shop and doing custom family portraits is meeting all these wonderful, beautiful, kind, and generous people and getting to know a little bit about their family. And they just hand me their cute pictures so I can remember them forever! ;)

(They're expecting a baby!!)

5. Amy
Ok, first of all, Amy is fantastic. I met her almost exactly a year ago when I was babysitting for her sister Julie (who has CRAZY ADORABLE KIDS!). Since then she has commissioned me many times for her family and friends, and I'm forever grateful for her support from the very beginning of my Etsy "career." In fact, I wouldn't even have an Etsy shop if it wasn't for Julie and Amy's support and encouragement. THANK YOU!!!

Second of all, she, too, has super adorable kids like her sister. When I first met Amy, she was only few weeks away from having her second baby, Lettice, and she wanted me to create an illustration for her baby announcement. Her name comes from a series of children's books about a rabbit named Lettice, and Amy wanted me to duplicate the book cover for Lettie.

(writing was put in by Amy's sister, Julie)

Since then, I got to do portraits for the whole family (Valentine's card for Lettie, couple portraits for Amy and her husband, etc.), and last month, she wanted me to make one for Lettie's first birthday!

(words not added yet)

It's been incredible to watch Lettie grow from her pre-birth to now almost a year old. I hope to celebrate many, MANY more of her birthdays to come!

6. Kathryn

They wanted to have Christmasy border for their Christmas cards, and I loved drawing poinsettias and pine cones! Also, they're expecting their first baby in January! :)

Thank you for reading/looking at my blog! I hope you'll all have a safe and relaxing Thanksgiving week. :)