Saturday, May 12, 2012

2D Stuff from Winter 2012 Semester

For my 2D animation class, we were given a character to use for the entire semester. Cynthia, our teacher, let us give him a name and a personality, and I chose mine to be named Ollie.

This was the third assignment, which was to make our character "move a rock." We had the liberty to choose what kind of rock it'll be (weight, size, etc.) and how the character will move it.
Ollie's from another planet, so he can move things with his mind!
(This was done using regular paper and a pencil.)
[March 2012]

For the final assignment we had to choose a sound clip (can you guess where mine's from?) and move the character according to it. 
(I used Flash for this one.)
[April 2012]

I love 2D animation. It has a lot of tedious work that comes with it, but it's so flexible and friendly (compared to 3D animation). I had fun doing these assignments :)